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Wireless Internet
About Jimmy


Economy Internet Service

Residential users seek reliable, affordable, always-on service. Jimmy recognizes the unique demands of the residential users network and provides high-performing, efficient, and cost effective products to meet and exceed every residential home networking requirement. With a wide variety of options and integrated solutions, Jimmy lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for residential users without compromising network performance and reliability.

Service Type

Asymmetric Shared

Speed Limit

Max Burst 4.0 Mbps Download/Upload

Speed Factor Compared to 56k Dialup

Month-to-Month Service Fee

Free Trial for 1st 14 days

Recommended Number of Computers plus Free GoDaddy Email Addresses

Advanced Payment Discount Service Fee*


4096/768 kbps 73 X Faster $55.34
4/8 $46.40


3056/512 kbps 55 X Faster $44.33


2048/384 kbps 37 X Faster $33.32

To Order Service, please call 847-208-2647.

Key Features


  • No phone lines required
  • VPN pass-thru, IPSec vs SSL
  • Unlimited throughput - No caps on data transfer (bandwidth)
  • An always-on, high-speed connection - 99.9% Uptime
  • Lightning-fast downloads - Maximum Burst Speed up to 4.0 Mbps
  • Color matched white or brown receivers
  • Satellite dish or TV antenna fixture mounts
  • Power over Ethernet - Cat5 cable routing - 1/4" diameter
  • Exclusive Layer 2 isolation capabilities, which prevents users from seeing each other's traffic or neighborhood network.
  • Locally owned and operated - fast customer service
  • P2P Upload Traffic Management

Professional Technician Installation Fee: $50/hr. Standard installation time is 2 hr.

Network Activation/Setup/Monitoring Fee: $50 - One Time Setup Fee

Technical Service and Support - Phone & Email Support - $25/Hr

Free Site Survey and Design Analysis - Signal Strength and Signal Quality

*Recurring PayPal Subscription payment processing & invoicing. Prices shown do not include applicable taxes and fees. 30 days notice prior to disconnection for non-payment, service cancellation, and equipment pickup will be scheduled after final payment.

Private Static IP and Port Forwarding $10/Mo - Not recommended or designed for customer built Internet servers

For more information on features and pricing, please call 847-208-2647.






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