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Small Office - Home Office - SoHo - Internet Service

Small companies can connect their office networks, send emails, and securely conduct business over the Internet with reliable, affordable, always-on service. Jimmy makes broadband shared access more secure by including advanced features such as a PepLink Load Balancing Router, NAT firewall, security monitoring and intrusion detection. WLAN users are protected from unwanted network attacks across the Internet. With a wide variety of options and integrated solutions, Jimmy's network is customizable and upgradeable as unique networking, data applications, routing, security and bandwidth requirements evolve for homes and businesses.

Service Type Asymmetric Service Level Down/Up Monthly Service Fee Free Trial for 1st 28 days Service Capacity

Number of Computers/ Email Addresses

Advanced Payment Discount Service Fee*
Cashew SoHo 4096 Kbps/768 Kbps $88.37
8/16 $79.99
Walnut SoHo 3056 kbps/512 kbps $77.36

Peanut SoHo 2048 kbps/384 kbps $66.35

To Order Service, please call 847-208-2647.

Key Features


  • No phone line required - No line sharing compatibility issues
  • 128 bit Secure Over-the-Air Packet Encryption - Virtual LANs, Virtual APs
  • Unlimited throughput - No caps on data transfer (bandwidth)
  • An always-on, high-speed connection - 99.9% Uptime
  • Lightning-fast downloads - Maximum Burst Speed up to 4.0 Mbps
  • Power over Ethernet - Cat5 cable routing - 1/4" diameter, roof tripods antenna mounts
  • Exclusive Layer 2 isolation capabilities, which prevents users from seeing each other's traffic.
  • Locally owned and operated - fast customer service
  • Redundant Internet Backbone Connections with PepLink Load Balance Router - PC Review here
  • P2P Upload Traffic Management

Professional Technician Installation Fee: $0 - One wall penetration

Network Activation/Setup/Monitoring Fee: $50

Free Phone and Email Technical Service and Support

Free Site Survey and Design Analysis

Dedicated IP Address - Static IP upon request

Auto renewable - 2 Year Contract required to protect network from user abuse

Early Termination Fee: $0 - 30 day notice required prior to termination

Prices shown do not include applicable taxes and fees.


For more information on features and pricing, please call 847-208-2647.



$50 Referral Fee Credit by Request




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